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Lockheed Blackbirds

SR-71 on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force.
SR-71 at Dayton - frontal photo

SR-71 nose gear

SR-71 walk around - cockpit

The Blackbird's distinctive intake spikes were absolutely essential for the aircraft's performance, as at operational speeds the inlets produced over half of the total thrust.
Sr-71 nacelle - forward view



Walk-Around #32: SR-71 Blackbird review

A great reference for modeling all three versions of the Blackbird family - the A-12 photo-recon aircraft for the CIA, the Air Force's YF-12A prototype interceptor, and the definitive SR-71.

Some highlights:

  •  A shot of the first A-12 flight - it really wasn't a "Blackbird" at this point, as it flew in natural metal.
  •  Rear view of the M-21 mothership with a GTD-21 drone mounted.
  •  A very nice color shot of the A-12B trainer in natural metal with black leading edges.
  •  Details of upper & lower Q-bays.
  •  color shots of M-21/D-21 in flight.
  •  A-12 3-view & specifications.
  •  A-12 landing gear details.
  •  A-12 / YF-12 / SR-71A / SR-71 "big Tail" cockpit photos.
  •  SR-1/F-1 ejection seat.
  •  YF-12A 3-view & specifications.
  •  ASG-18 radar & YB-58 testbed.
  •  SR-71 3-view & specifications.
  •  J58 engine details, including some good color shots.
  •  10 color profiles.
Disclaimer: sample book provided by Squadron/Signal

YF-12 Blackbird Bibliography:

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Photo: "USAF/Lockheed YF-12A"   Aviation Week & Space Technology  October 19, 1964  front cover

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Secret Aircraft and Black Projects

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